Assistant Section Manager
Traffic Manager

Phyllisan West, KA4FZI
1410 Shelby Pky
Cape Coral, FL 33904
(239) 574-3467
KA4FZI Phyllisan West, Extra Class License,

Middle School Teacher retired 1995.

1979 Licensed; active on NTS nets QFN, QFNS, FAST, RN5, SWFTN; managed QFN, QFNS, FAST;

1986 started ham radio class at school;

1987 CW Editor FL Skip magazine;

1988 ARRL National Professional Educator of the Year;

1989 Ft. Myers ARC Outstanding Service Award;

1990 Radio Class national school census for ARRL;

1990 A-1 Operator Award;

1991 Volunteer Examiner to present;

1992 ASM for Youth Activities;

1996 Started statewide FYARC (Florida Youth ARC);

1997 Brass Pounders medallion;

1998 SFL STM;

1999 - 2003 SFL Section Manager;

2000 ARRL Asst. Director SE Division;

2003 STM, Ft Myers ARC Ham of the Year;

2006 ASM for NTS reports.
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