Section Manager

David L Fowler, K4DLF
2702 Starwood Ct.
West Palm Beach, FL 33406
(561) 676-3007
I was first licensed in August of 2007 and quickly upgraded to Extra by November of the same year. Within the first year of being licensed, I was appointed as an ARRL PIO (Public Information Officer) for Palm Beach County, became an ARRL and Laurel VE, became an ARRL life member, taught several Technician level classes, completed FEMA 100, 200, 700, & 800 and ARECC Levels 1, 2, & 3, was appointed as the ARES Net Manager for Palm Beach County, became an ARECC Certified Examiner and Instructor, and was appointed Assistant Section Manager for Training in the ARRL Southern Florida Section. I also maintain several websites for clubs and ARES/RACES and am a member of 9 amateur radio clubs and repeater groups in Palm Beach and Broward Counties. My primary Amateur Radio interests include promoting Amateur Radio, Emergency Service, and digital modes.

In college I majored in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, and Accounting. My career has mainly been computer related. I started as a Student Assistant Programmer and worked my way up to Director of IT for a 24 person department at a 50 million dollar institution. During my tenure as Director of IT I served on several state-wide technical auditing teams, helping institutions improve their disaster recover and business continuity plans. I also helped develop several Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) between various state educational institutions and have successfully obtained state and federal grants. After several years, I went into private computer consulting and training. I then became Director of Education and finally the School Director for a local private computer training school that became nationally accredited. I now own my own training firm - Ableskills, Inc. which specializes in computer and technical training for the industry. I hold a number of certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and others. I have over 30 years experience in training and instruction as an adjunct physics professor, computer science instructor, and now as a professional computer trainer for Microsoft, Cisco, and Webmaster certifications.

Aside from Amateur Radio, my interests include Astronomy, Physics, and Investing.

73, David L Fowler, K4DLF
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