Amateurs enjoy rag-chewing and social events, group activities and assisting their community in times of emergency; the "hams" of Palm Beach County are no exception! Listed here you will find links to area clubs as well as club meeting schedules, on-air net times and repeater information. Take some time to visit the links below for more information.

Palm Beach County, Florida

County Seat - West Palm Beach

Palm Beach District

Palm Beach Wikipedia


Amateur Radio Emergency Services in Palm Beach County
  Emergency Coordinator
Palm Beach ARES Group David Fowler, K4DLF

ARRL Affiliated Clubs in Palm Beach County
Boca Raton ARA Club President
  Nelson Winter, NE4LS
Repeater(s) 145.290 -/110.9
  442.875 +/110.9
Meeting(s) 1st Tuesday, Monthly 7:00 PM
  (see website for location)
Net(s) Wednesday, Weekly 7:00 PM
  147.255 +/123.00

Florida Atlantic University ARC Club President
  Adrienne Marks, KE4IEF
Repeater(s) 444.925 +/110.9
  Echolink 305206
  IRLP 4999
Meeting(s) 3rd Tuesday, Monthly 7:00 PM
  T6 Boca Raton FAU Campus
Net(s) Wednesday, Weekly 7:00 PM
  147.255 +/123.00

Lighthouse Amateur Radio Alliance Club President
  Norman Alexander, W4QN
Repeater(s) 147.165, PL 110.9
Meeting(s) 3rd Thursday, Monthly 7:00 PM
  Burt Reynolds Park, 777 N. US1, Jupiter, FL.

Palms West ARC Club President
  John Samuels, K2CIB
Repeater(s) 147.045 +/110.9
Meeting(s) 3rd Thursday, Monthly at the Royal Palm Beach Fire Station, 1040 RPB Blvd, Royal Palm Beach, FL, 7:00 PM
VE exams @ 5:30 PM before meeting

West Palm Beach ARC Club President
  Tom Loughney, AJ4XM
Repeater(s) D-Star 145.320 -
  146.670 -/110.9
Meeting(s) 4th Wednesday, Monthly
(see website for directions)
Net(s) D-Star Net Mondays @ 7:00 PM
  145.320 -
  Rag Chew Net Tuesdays 7:30 PM
  146.670 -/110.9

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