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Get your FCC License

Local Classes

Your local ARRL Affiliated Amateur Radio Clubs jointly conduct periodic classes- contact us and let us know you are interested in attending a class or Upgrading your present license and we will let you know when the next local class is scheduled. 

  • Do I need to learn Morse code? No- Amateur radio licensing no longer requires Morse code testing- though it remains a popular "mode" of communicating among hams.
  • How much do the classes cost? Our local classes are always free of cost- save the cost of sitting for the test and the cost of purchasing a study guide. Those are both passed through at our cost. 
  • How long are the classes? Club sponsored classes for the Technician class license are typically 8 weeks of sessions- with the testing on the last session- around 14 hours of classroom instruction. General and Extra class licensing take about the same time to conduct. Self study allows the option of shorter path to a license- but the classes tend to help you apply what you learn and become a better operator overall. 

Self Study

You may always choose self study and contact our club to arrange a date to sit for your FCC licensing exam. You may choose from free study resources and paid resources- and use the online practice tests to improve your confidence prior to sitting for the exam. 

Free Study Resources

Paid Study Resources