Technical Coordinator Phil Mollica W2AR


 5539 53rd Ave
 Vero Beach, FL 32967


I retired after 38 1/2 years as a broadcast field
engineer with ABC-TV in New York. I have been a ham operator for more
that 60 years, I have enjoyed the best hobby anyone can have. With a fairly
extensive electronics background, I have been helping ham operators in Vero
Beach who are in HOA's or deed restricted communities to get their
home ham stations on the air. I have advised them how to setup their
antennas in their attic, recommended different antennas and have many hams
with stealth antennas that their HOA's don't know exist. I also have helped a
few hams with solar project, in addition to battery backup systems,
which we have used on many field day events. I, along with the Technical

Specialists in the section, would like to offer all of you any type of technical

assistance you might need.